Saturday, December 10, 2011

a 'blonde foil' to giggle repeatedly between 6 and 9/10am

The title is from a very old PAMS jingle, late 50s, early 60s.. lost in time...

If you do not know PAMS, best stop reading now.

I chose the title as it was how I felt as I watched the British radio industry be decimated, 'drawn and quartered' and disembowled by syndication of programmes via clever (but not creative) digital techniques.

Somehow a few powerful 'suits', the semi-invisible people (men usually) who insensitively run British radio, persuaded the supposed 'regulator' OfCom (over surprisingly few years)  that it was was okay for stations programmed for over 40s, to broadcast only music music aimed at under 35s ! To 'add insult to injury', they soon closed down all or most of the 'local output', and had young lads in London syndicated through the transmitters via digital technology. (Am I the only one to notice that the 'suits' confine women on their stations just to breakfast, as a 'blonde foil' to giggle repeatedly between 6 and 9/10am at the [not funny] 'deejay' ?

VERY clever ~ very uncreative. WHY did we need yet more 'youf' stations?

Radio once 'had a heart', it was local, real, varied, people LOVED the stations, faults and all....

Is there ANY hope it will return? Watch this 'blog'


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