Monday, August 10, 2015

I hate financial waste of the (legally enforced) BBC licence fee

A BBC Local Radio journalist accused me of 'hating' the BBC...

I don't...... I just hate financial waste of the (legally enforced) BBC licence fee. 

If you read the stories below, I wonder what word you would use to describe how it makes YOU feel ?!

BBC News Chief gets 

£24,000 pay rise

 (as hundreds of staffers

 are laid-off)

So she now earns £215,000 a year.....  This is a great deal more than she would earn in (self-funded) commercial tv and radio, which operate on much smaller budgets than the BBC's! 

WHY does the BBC pay so much?

Of course all this is comparatively unimportant compared to the crazy, awful PR disaster the BBC has had over *Alan Yentob's interview.  He is chairman of Batmanghelidj's organisation. 

The interview was about this kid's 'self-referral' organisation (let's face it, how may PARENTS would trust giving their kids money not knowing how they might spend it - so HOW could this organisation think that acceptable?) 

Watch the interview where Channel 4 lifted the lid on it:

Notice how he keeps telling the interviewer to 'wait a minute' ?

In The Telegraph on 8 August Patrick Sawer reported :

Paul Marshall, chairman of ARK Schools – a leading provider of academies – said the trustees appear to have failed in their duties. 
“The role of the trustees was obviously to make sure they had in place alongside Camila those types of management and that’s what central government was asking for. That was a fundamental failing of the trustees.”

"The trustee coming under particular pressure to explain what he did to ensure good governance at the charity is Alan Yentob. 

The BBC executive – who has been chair of trustees at Kids Company for 18 years – has been critical of his own organisation’s (BBC) handling of the story – even buttonholing BBC reporter Lucy Manning to criticise her coverage."
(my underlining)

Yentob earns £330,000 a year for his part-time role as 'Creative Director' at the BBC !

The BBC pay far too much to a few privileged
'luvvies' suits and journalists.
They could lose these staff
and keep the ones who do the work
and save a LOT!

How much longer are the Government going to tolerate these crazy high wages, and WASTE of a licence fee the public are forced to pay!?

If you agree, one way you can make YOUR opinion known is here:

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