Saturday, October 17, 2015

Radio 2 'Comedy' ? Pull the other one!

I was gob-smacked to read this story (link below) on Radio Today, not the least because it's an amazing waste of the BBC licence fee on content just to keep unnecessary managers busy at the same time as important shows are given to outside companies!

It helps explain why BBC Radio 2 costs FIFTY MILLION POUNDS a year

I agree with the comments made by Bertha - it spends money on 'comedy' but does not do over nights LIVE,  ignoring the needs of a huge number of overnight workers who also deserve good MUSIC radio that RELATES to them by reacting with them.

I also pick up on Lewis Carnies comment "seeing the sitcom Miranda Hart’s Joke Shop go on to become the highly acclaimed Miranda series on BBC One". 

Does ANYONE know someone who actually think Miranda was EVER funny? All she did was keep falling over (try that on radio) At best it was embarrassing! 

The fact is if the BBC made redundant Julia McKenzie "Acting Head of BBC Radio Comedy" and Lewis Carnie "Head of Programmes for BBC Radio 2" absolutely no one would NOTICE any change on air - and they would save 100s of thousands.

These people are completely unnecessary on what is MEANT to be a MUSIC station serving people 40+. 

Meanwhile the shows that MATTER, and are meant to serve the MASS market, are farmed-out to outside production companies - Chris Evans - at HUGE expense. 

Worse still 'gender balance' broadcasters such as Sara Cox and Vanessa Feltz occupy slots (or cover breakfast) that far exceed their broadcasting skills or public popularity. 

I find it amazing that Cox who lost a million listeners when she had the Radio 1 breakfast show is now put on Radio 2 breakfast relief .... 

......that is DEFINITELY not funny.

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