Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Does 'Radio Today' really only want comments it agrees with?

The story published by internet radio news service 'Radio Today' about Heart taking over from 'The Bay' and Smooth taking over 'Lakeland Radio', and the resultant loss of local shows, and job losses, prompted some lively comments, admittedly by the 'usual suspects'. 

This was in contrast to the complete lack of interest, and response, towards most radio ‘news’ stories. So it’s interesting that Roy of 'Radio Today' has now written:
“Whilst you can expect the usual amount of “It’s a shame the stations are losing their local names and mostly local programmes” (hell, even I love the good old days!), it still shocks me the number of people who will personally insult the people behind the decisions, and call groups like Global all the names under the sun for making progress”
“Progress” ? For whom?
The station or the listeners?
And I’m not sure why he is ‘shocked’ given that the responses are very typical of the few who bother to comment. There is nothing new, because there has been nothing new from the huge major radio groups for many years. Their unimaginative, heavily-formatted ‘one size fits all’ stations full of carefully photographed ‘presenters’ is the equivalent of a loaf of sliced white bread. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with them, but nothing to get excited about when they take over yet another station and lose the local roots and most of the local team….
Does ‘Radio Today’ really expect anyone who contributes to these very specialist forums to be excited, or make positive comments about an industry full of white sliced loaves?
Discouraging comments from fervent radio lovers is not the way to go Roy…. your 'Radio Today' cannot just pander only to the people IN radio...  like any cultural/art discussion, there has to be room for dissent...


The original news story + replies: 

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