Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A gold bar down Bjorn’s trousers

In my earlier ‘Mannequins’ blog I wrote about the views of a 'radio advertising expert'* on the 12 'Gold' stations being changed to ‘Smooth’ by Global. He commented:

"The Smooth brand has been designed to niche target a new type of slightly older listener with refined tastes and a high disposable income"

To capture the spirit of this SMOOTH have posted a picture on their Facebook page of Abba, (in which Bjorn wears VERY tight trousers) and captioned it:

“We love looking in our ABBA archive, we've just found this - HOW tight are Bjorn’s trousers?!”

Naturally, listeners with ‘refined’ tastes have commented suitably:

“Bet when he farted he didnt hear the noise till he took them off !!”

“Looks like blood flow has been cut off to his right t*sticle.”

“Budgie smuggler alert!”

“Tight ass springs to mind!”

“about as tight as a Welshman's sheep”

Listeners with refined tastes...... ? 

Sometimes, the listeners you want.... are not the listeners you get...

And I have to point out that after the hundreds of anti-Smooth comments on FB by the ‘Goldies’ (a new group furious about Smooth taking over 12 of the ‘Gold’ AM frequencies) I don’t think it’s..... a gold bar down Bjorn’s trousers.

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