Friday, June 6, 2014

Both Radio 1 and 1Xtra were grossly OVER staffed

This Blog has no amusing or 'clever' title as it's serious..

We are told by Radio Today that "DQF changes at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra mean nine presenters are leaving and a new Sunday Rock Show is introduced"


Well, forget the last bit about a 'rock show' - it's a minor distraction and 3 hours of 'rock' (whatever that may be in 2014) is 'neither here nor there' as fans of that genre have the high-profile Team Rock now...

The MEAT of the press-announcement is:

"Edith Bowman, Nihal, Mike Davies, Rob Da Bank, Jen Long, Ally McCrae, CJ Beatz, Crissy Criss and Robbo Ranx, will all be leaving the networks"

So NINE presenters are being 'let go', in the name of financial stringency. 

But hang on, can we assume the 'suits' at Radio 1 only found out about the recession in Britain this year.... 

..... it started EIGHT years ago. 

WHY does the BBC take EIGHT years to make financial savings many other companies had to undergo many years earlier!?

Today's programming 'fashion' means that NINE presenters would easily be enough (with a little voice-tracking) to STAFF a whole radio station!

Forget the fussy, over-detailed BBC press-release : this means one thing:

.... both Radio 1 and 1Xtra were grossly OVER staffed.

If the BBC 'suits' had ANY idea about how to conserve the lavish amount the British public are forced to pay in the licence fee, surely all they had to do was close 1 Xtra, SEVERAL years ago!! 

The BBC quietly foisted it on the country, and apart from Annie Nightingale (kept on as a token-gesture since the BBC lost John Peel?) how many of the other presenters could 15-30 year olds even name? 

In fact, even many of the 'names' who have survived the chop at Radio 1 are not names except in cliquey London music circles and to record companies peddling material that sells in extremely low quantities.

How much longer are the politicians going to allow Radio 1 (and Radio 2 with nearly FORTY on-air presenters) to continue 'acting like a poorly-run London bank' with licence payer's money?

In contrast there are now dozens of skilled broadcasters, redundant because of the appalling Government policies as  executed by Ofcom , that have virtually 'closed' all the local UK commercial radio.  Appallingly one commercial station network now has just THREE presenters and 21 hours a a day with NO voice!

WHY should the BBC continue to be  allowed to have voluminous funds when they budget so VERY poorly, and produce these ultra dull stations - Radio 1, and 1Xtra?

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  1. Too true, I was only thinking when Radio 2, made their bizarre repeats and cutbacks announcement this week, why now ? Things are picking up, the dark days were years ago, some economists may say the BBC may be in danger of talking the country out of a recovery with these belated emergency financial restraints. I have found myself today listening to 6 music. ?? Strange name as there is as much chat and interviews as music, but it is not much different to Radio 2. Head scratching time